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Our Connectors are available as both seperate units, pack quantities and kits that include both dust caps and handles

Our Connectors are High quality, Competitively priced, color coded, and also connect to *Anderson SB Connectors

Color Coding can be used to connect different appliances, voltages or for preventing accidental connections.

Connectors are:

* Genderless - Supply and load connectors are the same, and no female/male parts, mating with themselves

* Polarized - Designed so that only Positive (+) connects to positive (+) and Negative (-) to Negative (-)

* Power vs Size design - From Low load to High, an approriate size connector is available, 50A, 175A and 350A

* Tough, Durable Housing - High Impact/High Temperature Polycarbonte housing with both UL94 V-0 Flammable rating and UV resistance



* Anderson is a trademark of Anderson Power Products, Inc

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